The Brand

The brand has guidelines which are followed when making design choices to create an single theme accross multiple platforms and mediums.

The Text

The font used accross the entire site is Open Sans provided by Google Fonts with the exeption of the logo which uses Gochi Hand.

The colour is slightly off pure black; #6d6d6d.

Header 1 <h1> 4em

Header 2 <h2> 3em

Header 3 <h3> 1.8em

Header 4 <h4> 1.5em

Header 5 <h5> 1.3 em

Paragraph <p> 1em

Header 6 <h6> 0.9 em


Please use inspect elements to find the margin sizes for each header type.


The Colours

There are 5 colours which get used accross the brand.



All icons are provided by Font Awesome.



Sites uses Bootstrap3 with various additional jQuery libaries and build upon Concrete5 and Codeigniter.