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Useful to know APC UPS CLI configuration options


Most of the ACP UPS configuration can be done from the GUI, by default it is set to DHCP. However, there are a number of other useful options that can only be accessed via the CLI commands.

Below is a couple of useful commands. They are pretty self explanatory.

## IP
tcpip -i -s -g -d ups-1 -h williambargent.co.uk

## DNS
dns -OM enable -p 192.168.11 -s -d williambargent.co.uk
 -n williambargent.co.uk
 -h ups-1.williambargent.co.uk

system -n ups-1.williambargent.co.uk
 -l Server Room -c [email protected]

## Date/Timezone
date -f dd.mm.yyyy -z 00:00
ntp -OM enable -e enable -p 192.168.11 -s 192.168.12 -u

console -t disable -s enable
web -h disable -s enable

## Radius Authentication
radius -a radiusLocal -p1 192.168.11 -s1 secret -p2 192.168.12 -s1 secret

## Reboot after configuration

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