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Export Netatmo weather station data to MySQL using the API


I recently bought and installed a Netatmo Weather Station to replace an old dumb Oregon Scientific station. I chose this station for it’s smart capabilities.

However, after using the Netatmo web app I decided I would like access to the raw date my station was collecting. The obvious choice was to write a simple script to pole the API and dump the data periodically into a MySQL database ready to be queried.

The below link is to a Github repository containing the script and the MySQL schema. This is run every 10 minuets from a Raspberry Pi.

williambargent/Netatmo-Weather-MySQL: API scripts to log Netatmo Weather Station data to MySQL Database or CumulusMX Database. (github.com)

The database schema is actually from a bit of software called CumulusMX which is a USB weather station logger software I used with my Oregon station. It sent data to a MySQL database. This saved the need to re-write queries I already had to manipulate the data.

Cumulus MX – Cumulus Wiki

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