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Why I switched to Grav CMS


I recently discovered Grav, a flat file PHP CMS. My previous website ran on Concrete5 which I was getting tired of due to it’s slowness, massiveness and the fact it was consuming so much resource on my web server.

The appeal of Grav was taken from a number of factors. The first being it was flat file, makeing it quicker than running DB queries every time a user requests a page, the ease of developing themes and plugins and more specifically a plugin called GitSync.

trilbymedia/grav-plugin-git-sync: Collaboratively Synchronize your Grav `user` folder hosted on GitHub, BitBucket or GitLab

This plugin provided a fantastic way of backing up website I write to Git. As everything is in a file, there are no large DB dumps run by cron and rsynced to a remote NAS nightly. Now just a Git repository that’s much simpler! Git commit also only occur when a user makes a change rather than nightly (regardless of whether or not there is a difference).

What I was even more interested in was the fact that it had two way Git operations. I never had a development environment with C5, I developed on the live server but now with two way sync (thanks to web hooks) merging changes to master from a dev server will automatically push changes to my live site hosted in Azure.

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