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SAML SSO plugin for Grav CMS

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I like integrating apps with my centralised authentication system, SAML SSO provided my SimpleSAMLphp. I mainly setup SAML to authenticate with Zoho, my email provided with my AD user accounts across the internet (Post Azure AD). I enjoyed using SimpleSAMLphp so much I migrated other system like Nextcloud to it.

After having run Grav for a few months, I thought it was time to write a plugin to enable SAML authentication.

Below is the Git repository for such a thing. It is also available from the Grav plugin store.

williambargent-org/grav-plugin-simplesamlphp-login: The SimpleSAMLphp-Login Plugin for Grav CMS add the ability to point to a pre-configured SimpleSAMLphp SP to provide SAML authentication on your Grav CMS site or Admin plugin. (github.com)

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