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Category: Linux
How to run OpenVPN in LXC Proxmox

I run a number of small Proxmox installations on a mixture of old and new PC hardware at various location and I needed a secure way to access them and transfer data between VM’s and containers which run on them. Given the limited resources on some, I wanted to run OpenVPN in LXC rather than […]

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Enabling Ubuntu automatic security updates

My estate of servers consisting of VM’s, LXC containers and of course Raspberry Pi’s has grown over the years, but has now grown to a point (especially over the COVID-19 lockdowns) where it takes a significant amount of time to go around and preform manual security and recommended updates to them all. This has prompted […]

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Configuring MFA SSH on Linux using Google Authenticator

I find it very useful to have Raspberry Pi’s at mine and other family members house (different ISP’s) to preform various traceroute, latency and iperf tests. Rather than running full OpenVPN clients, I opted for exposing them using port-forwarding to the internet. This poses a significant security issue as SSH is a port which can […]

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How to remove Azure “reddog” DNS suffix

I recently noticed that the three VM’s I run in Azure (courtesy of my VSE subscription) had picked up a new DNS suffix. You can find out more information about the DNS Suffix below: Why is there a “reddog” DNS Suffix for my VM’s? Page 1 of 0 | cloudelicious IP address assignment in […]

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How to add network routes to Proxmox NetPlan

I run a strange network topology with various VLANs and VPNs at home, in remote locations and in the cloud. Because of this, I needed to add routes to the NetPlan configuration file. In order to manually edit the interfaces file, first copy it: The file will contain the configuration for all interfaces configured via […]

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How to disable TFA from the CLI on Proxmox

This took me hours and hours of research to work out how to disable lost TFA on an account on Proxmox. I was only experimenting on a test server, however I wanted to ensure I knew how to recover it if I enabled TFA on my root user. Console access isn’t subject to this additional […]

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Incorrect LXC monitoring values with Zabbix

Zabbix is by far the best monitoring solution available however when I moved from Hyper-V 2016 to Proxmox and LXC, I noticed that the standard Linux templates pulled incorrect values for CPU, RAM and Disk usage. Given the way LXC works, the values were actually the hosts. I did some Googling and found an excellent […]

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Must know Git commands for beginners

Git is a fantastic tool for code change control (I also use it for configuration backups). Below is a list of must know commands which will make your life easier if your new to this version-control system. Branches are used to develop new features which can be merged with master upon completion. Noticed an error […]

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