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Clearpass TACACS+ Server with Cisco Nexus User Privilege Roles

Cisco Nexus NS-OS switches provide a slightly different way compared to their IOS variants at assigning privileges to users who login either via the local database or a remote source. IOS use privilege levels 0-15 where as NS-OS uses roles ‘network-admin’ and ‘network-operator’. IOS levels 0 provides no privileges, level 1 provides read only and […]

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TACACS+ configuration for Cisco, Aruba ProCurve, Comware switches

Operate a large estate of switch? Why not setup a TACACS server. User become accountable for network administration and that local password doesn’t need to be memorable, idea for when an administrator leaves and it doesn’t get updated. Cisco: Cisco Nexus: Aruba, HP ProCurve HPE, Comware

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How to remove Azure “reddog” DNS suffix

I recently noticed that the three VM’s I run in Azure (courtesy of my VSE subscription) had picked up a new DNS suffix. You can find out more information about the DNS Suffix below: Why is there a “reddog” DNS Suffix for my VM’s? Page 1 of 0 | cloudelicious IP address assignment in […]

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How to add network routes to Proxmox NetPlan

I run a strange network topology with various VLANs and VPNs at home, in remote locations and in the cloud. Because of this, I needed to add routes to the NetPlan configuration file. In order to manually edit the interfaces file, first copy it: The file will contain the configuration for all interfaces configured via […]

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How to run a firmware upgrade on a Cisco 5500 wireless LAN controller

Need to upgrade the firmware on a Cisco 5500 WLC, here is a step by step guide. If your controllers are setup in a HA pair, these commands should be run on both, but missing out the AP upgrade setups.

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How to suppress IPv6 RA on Cisco and Cisco Nexus

Servers have a habit of automatically configuring IPv6 when an interface is added to a VLAN or Port though SLAAC. This is useful for client networks but not so useful for servers. It is possible to suppress RA messages to prevent this from a Cisco router interface. The command is slightly different on a Cisco […]

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Useful to know APC UPS CLI configuration options

Most of the ACP UPS configuration can be done from the GUI, by default it is set to DHCP. However, there are a number of other useful options that can only be accessed via the CLI commands. Below is a couple of useful commands. They are pretty self explanatory.

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How to enable VSF on Aruba switches

Setting up VSF Stacking on Aruba Switch is much easier than stacking on Cisco and ProCurve. Simply enable a VSF domain on your primary and convert two ports for stacking. Connect switch 2 and wait for it to reboot and join (this will happen automatically). Enable a second stack port on this switch and repeat. […]

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