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Category: Security
Clearpass TACACS+ Server with Cisco Nexus User Privilege Roles

Cisco Nexus NS-OS switches provide a slightly different way compared to their IOS variants at assigning privileges to users who login either via the local database or a remote source. IOS use privilege levels 0-15 where as NS-OS uses roles ‘network-admin’ and ‘network-operator’. IOS levels 0 provides no privileges, level 1 provides read only and […]

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Enabling Ubuntu automatic security updates

My estate of servers consisting of VM’s, LXC containers and of course Raspberry Pi’s has grown over the years, but has now grown to a point (especially over the COVID-19 lockdowns) where it takes a significant amount of time to go around and preform manual security and recommended updates to them all. This has prompted […]

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SAML SSO plugin for Grav CMS

I like integrating apps with my centralised authentication system, SAML SSO provided my SimpleSAMLphp. I mainly setup SAML to authenticate with Zoho, my email provided with my AD user accounts across the internet (Post Azure AD). I enjoyed using SimpleSAMLphp so much I migrated other system like Nextcloud to it. After having run Grav for […]

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Configuring MFA SSH on Linux using Google Authenticator

I find it very useful to have Raspberry Pi’s at mine and other family members house (different ISP’s) to preform various traceroute, latency and iperf tests. Rather than running full OpenVPN clients, I opted for exposing them using port-forwarding to the internet. This poses a significant security issue as SSH is a port which can […]

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TACACS+ configuration for Cisco, Aruba ProCurve, Comware switches

Operate a large estate of switch? Why not setup a TACACS server. User become accountable for network administration and that local password doesn’t need to be memorable, idea for when an administrator leaves and it doesn’t get updated. Cisco: Cisco Nexus: Aruba, HP ProCurve HPE, Comware

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How to disable TFA from the CLI on Proxmox

This took me hours and hours of research to work out how to disable lost TFA on an account on Proxmox. I was only experimenting on a test server, however I wanted to ensure I knew how to recover it if I enabled TFA on my root user. Console access isn’t subject to this additional […]

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